13th IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic

July 6-9, 1997
Asilomar, California

General Chair: Michael Flynn and Vojin G. Oklobdzija
Program Co-Chairs: Tomas Lang, Jean-Michel Muller, Naofumi Takagi and Stamatis Vassiliadis



Conference Website: http://www.eng.uci.edu/~arith13/

T. Lang, J. -M. Muller, N. Takagi, S. Vassiliadis, "Thirteenth IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic: Foreword"

Section 1: Arithmetic Circuits - George Taylor, Chairman

E. M. Schwarz, R. M. Averill III, L. J. Sigal, "A Radix-8 CMOS S/390 Multiplier"

A. Beaumont-Smith, N. Burgess, "A GaAs 32-bit Adder"

D. L. Harris, S. F. Oberman, M. A. Horowitz, "SRT Division Architectures and Implementations"

T. K. Callaway, E. E. Swartzlander Jr, "Power-Delay Characteristics of CMOS Multipliers"

Section 2: Number Systems - Israel Koren, Chairman

A. M. Nielsen, P. Kornerup, "On Radix Representation of Rings"

V. S. Dimitrov, G. A. Jullien, W. C. Miller, "Theory and Applications for a Double-Base Number System"

Section 3: Floating-Point Arithmetic - 1 - William McAllister, Chairman

G. Even, W. Paul, "On the Design of IEEE Compliant Floating Point Units"

W. Kramer, "A Priory Worst-Case Error Bounds for Floating-Point Computations"

Section 4: Division, Reciprocation, Multiplication and Exponentiation - Milos Ercegovac, Chairman

E. Rice, R. Hughey, "Multiprecision Division on an 8-bit Processor"

D. Das Sarma, D. W. Matula, "Faithful Interpolation in Reciprocal Tables"

C. D. Walter, "Exponentiation Using Division Chains"

P. F. Stelling, V. G. Oklobdzija, "Implementing Multiply-Accumulate Operation in Multiplication Time"

Section 5: Rotations and Elementary Functions - 1 - Jeong-A Lee, Chairman

T. Lang, E. Antelo, "CORDIC Vectoring with Arbitrary Target Value"

G. J. Hekstra, E. F. A. Deprettere, "Fast Rotations: Low-Cost Arithmetic Methods for Orthonormal Rotation"

N. Takagi, "Generating a Power of an Operand by a Table Look-up and a Multiplication"

V. Lefevre, J. M. Muller, A. Tisserand, "Towards Correctly Rounded Transcendentals"

Section 6: Floating-Point Arithmetic - 2 - Ted Williams, Chairman

D. W. Matula, A. M. Nielsen, "Pipelined Packet-Forwarding Flating Point: I. Fondations and a Rounder"

A. M. Nielsen, D. W. Matula, C. N. Lyu, G. Even, "Pipelined Packet-Forwarding Floating Point: II. An Adder"

S. F. Oberman, H. Al-Twaijry, M. J. Flynn, "The SNAP Project: Design of Floating Point Arithmetic Units"

Section 7: Elementary Functions - 2 - Dan Zuras, Chairman

D. M. Priest, "Fast Table-Driven Algorithms for Interval Elementary Functions"

M. J. Schulte, J. E. Stine, "Symmetric Bipartite Tables for Accurate Function Approximation"

Jun Cao, B. W. Y. Wei, "High-Performance Hardware for Function Generation"

Section 8: Complex Arithmetic - Renato Stefanelli, Chairman

M. G. Arnold, T. A. Bailey, J. R. Cowles, M. D. Winkel, "Arithmetic Co-Transformations in the Real and Complex Logarithmic Number Systems"

T. Aoki, H. Amada, T. Higuchi, "Real/Complex Reconfigurable Arithmetic Using Redundant Complex Number Systems"

V. S. Dimitrov, G. A. Jullien, W. C. Miller, "Algorithms for Multi-Exponentiation Based on Complex Arithmetic"

Section 9: Residue Number Systems, Finite Fields and Cryptography - 1 - Luigi Dadda, Chairman

P. R. Turner, "Fraction-Free RNS Algorithms for Solving Linear Systems"

C. K. Koc, T. Acar, "Fast Software Exponentiation in GF(2k)"

Section 10: Residue Number Systems, Finite Fields and Cryptography - 2 - Simon Knowles, Chairman

J. C. Bajard, L. S. Didier, P. Kornerup, "An RNS Montgomery Modular Multiplication Algorithm"

A. A. Hiasat, H. S. Abdel-Aty-Zohdy, "Design and Implementation of an RNS Division Algorithm"

N. Burgess, "Scaled and Unscaled Residue Number System to Binary Conversion Techniques Using the Core Function"

Section 11: Miscellaneous - Peter Kornerup, Chairman

C. Frougny, "On-the-Fly Algorithms and Sequential Machines"

D. R. Lutz, D. N. Jayasimha, "The Half-Adder Form and Early Branch Condition Resolution"

M. R. Stan, "Synchronous Up/Down Counter with Clock Period Independent of Counter Size"

G. Cena, P. Montuschi, L. Ciminiera, A. Sanna, "A Q-Coder Algorithm with Carry Free Addition"