20th IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic

July 25-27, 2011
Tübingen, Germany

General Chairs: Eric Schwarz and Vojin G. Oklobdzija
Technical Program Chairs: Elisardo Antelo, David Hough and Paolo Ienne

Keynote Talk
Eric Schwarz and Vojin G. Oklobdzija

R. Fischer. "High Intelligence Computing: The New Era of High Performance Computing."

Multiple-Precision Algorithms
Marius Cornea

D. Harvey and P. Zimmermann. "Short Division of Long Integers."

M. Bodrato. "High Degree Toom'n'Half for Balanced and Unbalanced Multiplication."

N. Brisebarre, M. Joldeş, P. Kornerup, É. Martin-Dorel and J.-M. Muller. "Augmented Precision Square Roots and 2-D Norms, and Discussion on Correctly Rounding sqrt(x^2+y^2)."

Transcendental Methods
Naofumi Takagi

M. G. Arnold, J. Cowles, V. Paliouras and I. Kouretas. "Towards a Quaternion Complex Logarithmic Number System."

R. Che Ismail and J. N. Coleman. "ROM-less LNS."

A. Vázquez and J. D. Bruguera. "Composite Iterative Algorithm and Architecture for q-th Root Calculation."

O. Sarbishei and K. Radecka. "On the Fixed-Point Accuracy Analysis and Optimization of FFT Units with CORDIC Multipliers."

Special Session on Industrial Practices
Mike Schulte

D. Lipetz and E. Schwarz. "Self Checking in Current Floating-Point Units."

C.-P. Jeannerod, J. Jourdan-Lu, C. Monat and G. Revy. "How to Square Floats Accurately and Efficiently on the ST231 Integer Processor."

T. Anderson, D. Bui, S. Moharil, S. Narnur, M. Rahman, A. Lell, E. Biscondi, A. Shrivastava, P. Dent, M. Yan and H. Mahmood. "A 1.5 Ghz VLIW DSP CPU with Integrated Floating Point and Fixed Point Instructions in 40 nm CMOS."

M. Boersma, M. Kröner, C. Layer, P. Leber, S. M. Müller and K. Schelm. "The POWER7 Binary Floating-Point Unit."

Alberto Nannarelli

T. B. Preußer, M. Zabel and R. G. Spallek. "Accelerating Computations on FPGA Carry Chains by Operand Compaction."

N. Burgess. "Fast Ripple-Carry Adders in Standard-Cell CMOS VLSI."

S. Gorgin and G. Jaberipur. "A Family of High Radix Signed Digit Adders."

Floating-Point Units
Javier Bruguera

D. R. Lutz. "Fused Multiply-Add Microarchitecture Comprising Separate Early-Normalizing Multiply and Add Pipelines."

S. Galal and M. Horowitz. "Latency Sensitive FMA Design."

S. Carlough, A. Collura, S. Mueller and M. Kroener. "The IBM zEnterprise-196 Decimal Floating-Point Accelerator."

Division, Square-Root and Reciprocal Square-Root
Peter Kornerup

J. A. Butts, P. T. P. Tang, R. O. Dror and D. E. Shaw. "Radix-8 Digit-by-Rounding: Achieving High-Performance Reciprocals, Square Roots, and Reciprocal Square Roots."

P. T. P. Tang, J. A. Butts, R. O. Dror and D. E. Shaw. "Tight Certification Techniques for Digit-by-Rounding Algorithms with Application to a New 1/sqrt(x) Design."

A. Nannarelli. "Radix-16 Combined Division and Square Root Unit."

D. W. Matula and M. T. Panu. "A Prescale-Lookup-Postscale Additive Procedure for Obtaining a Single Precision Ulp Accurate Reciprocal."

Special Session on High Performance Arithmetic for FPGA's
Martin Langhammer

M. Langhammer. "Teraflop FPGA Design."

F. de Dinechin. "The Arithmetic Operators You Will Never See in a Microprocessor."

R. Dimond, S. Racanière and O. Pell. "Accelerating Large-Scale HPC Applications Using FPGAs."

Arithmetic Algorithms for Cryptography
David Matula

F. Gandino, F. Lamberti, P. Montuschi and J.-C. Bajard. "A General Approach for Improving RNS Montgomery Exponentiation Using Pre-processing."

B. B. Brumley and D. Page. "Bit-Sliced Binary Normal Basis Multiplication."

J. W. Bos, T. Kleinjung, A. K. Lenstra and P. L. Montgomery. "Efficient SIMD Arithmetic Modulo a Mersenne Number."

Tools for Formal Certified Code
Martin Schmookler

S. Chevillard. "Automatic Generation of Code for the Evaluation of Constant Expressions at Any Precision with a Guaranteed Error Bound."

C. Mouilleron and G. Revy. "Automatic Generation of Fast and Certified Code for Polynomial Evaluation."

S. Boldo and G. Melquiond. "Flocq: A Unified Library for Proving Floating-Point Algorithms in Coq."

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