18th IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic

June 25-27, 2007
Montpellier, France

General Chair: Graham Jullien
Program Co-Chairs: Peter Kornerup and Jean-Michel Muller



Conference Website: http://www.lirmm.fr/arith18/

Jean-Michel Muller and Peter Kornerup: "Eighteenth IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic: Foreword"

Session 1 Conference Welcome, Overview and Keynote Talk

"Keynote Talk", General Chair: Graham Jullien

Simon Knowles, "The Return of Silicon Efficiency"

Session 2 Basic Arithmetic Operations I - Luigi Dadda, Chair

H. Cho, E. E. Swartzlander Jr, "Serial Parallel Multiplier Design in Quantum-dot Cellular Automata"

D. Patil, O. Azizi, R. Ho, M. Horowitz, R. Anantharaman, "Robust Energy-Efficient Adder Topologies"

Session 3 Decimal Floating Point - Neil Burgess, Chair

M. Cornea, C. Anderson, J. Harrison, P. T. P. Tang, E. Schneider, C. Tsen, "A Software Implementation of the IEEE 754R Decimal Floating-Point Arithmetic Using the Binary Encoding Format"

M. Aharoni, R. Maharik, A. Ziv, "Solving Constraints on the Intermediate Result of Decimal Floating-Point Operations"

M. A. Erle, M. J. Schulte, B. J. Hickmann, "Decimal Floating-Point Multiplication Via Carry-Save Addition"

Liang-Kai Wang, M. J. Schulte, "Decimal Floating-Point Adder and Multifunction Unit with Injection-Based Rounding"

Session 4 Floating Point Implementation - John Harrison, Chair

L. Huang, L. Shen, K. Dai, Z. Wang, "A New Architecture For Multiple-Precision Floating-Point Multiply-Add Fused Unit Design"

S. D. Trong, M. Schmookler, E. M. Schwarz, M. Kroener, "P6 Binary Floating-Point Unit"

N. Burgess, C. N. Hinds, "Design of the ARM VFP11 Divide and Square Root Synthesisable Macrocell"

Session 5 Crypto Algorithms - Jean-Claude Bajard, Chair

J.-L. Beauchat, M. Shirase, T. Takagi, E. Okamoto, "An Algorithm for the nt Pairing Calculation in Characteristic Three and its Hardware Implementation"

K. Kobayashi, N. Takagi, K. Takagi, "An Algorithm for Inversion in GF(2^m) Suitable for Implementation Using a Polynomial Multiply Instruction on GF(2)"

J. Chung, M. A. Hasan, "Asymmetric Squaring Formulae"

G. Saldamli, C. K. Koc, "Spectral Modular Exponentiation"

Session 6 Various Topics - Israel Koren, Chair

G. Hanrot, V. Lefevre, D. Stehle, P. Zimmermann, "Worst Cases of a Periodic Function for Large Arguments"

P. Langlois, N. Louvet, "How to Ensure a Faithful Polynomial Evaluation with the Compensated Horner Algorithm"

L. Fousse, "Accurate Multiple-Precision Gauss-Legendre Quadrature"

Session 7 Elementary Functions - Elisardo Antelo, Chair

J. Detrey, F. de Dinechin, X. Pujol, "Return of the Hardware Floating-Point Elementary Function"

N. Brisebarre, S. Chevillard, "Efficient Polynomial L-approximations"

N. Brisebarre, G. Hanrot, "Floating-Point L^2-approximations to Functions"

Session 8 Floating Point Issues and Operations - Eric Schwarz, Chair

A. Vazquez, E. Antelo, P. Montuschi, "A New Family of High-Performance Parallel Decimal Multipliers"

S. Boldo, J. -C. Filliatre, "Formal Verification of Floating-Point Programs"

N. Kapre, A. De Hon, "Optimistic Parallelization of Floating-Point Accumulation"

Session 9 Modular Operations - Naofumi Takagi, Chair

P. T. P. Tang, "Modular Multiplication using Redundant Digit Division"

W. Hasenplaugh, G. Gaubatz, V. Gopal, "Fast Modular Reduction"

J. Chung, M. A. Hasan, "Montgomery Reduction Algorithm for Modular Multiplication Using Low-Weight Polynomial Form Integers"

L. Sousa, "Efficient Method for Magnitude Comparison in RNS Based on Two Pairs of Conjugate Moduli"

Session 10 Basic Arithmetic Operations II - Tomas Lang, Chair

Y. Hilewitz, R. B. Lee, "Performing Advanced Bit Manipulations Efficiently in General-Purpose Processors"

V. Dimitrov, L. Imbert, A. Zakaluzny, "Multiplication by a Constant is Sublinear"