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Main Project Objective

     As technology continues to scale, power consumption is becoming limiting factor over the performance in digital CMOS designs. Portability of handhelded products demands for ultra-low power operation regime, both in active and standby mode. Technological approach to lowering the power consumption has led to the usage of SOI devices which allow for power reduction due to their inherent advantages over the bulk devices: low voltage operation, dynamic threshold voltage modulation, sharp subthreshold slope, reduced parasitic capacitances, lower temperature sensitivity, etc.

     Main objective of this research is to develop optimization methodology for power efficient processor components. Architectural and circuit levels with different design styles are exploited and optimization is performed, obtaining the best energy-delay designs. While still meeting the performance requirements, 2-fold power reduction can be achieved.

     Current state-of-the-art innovations in energy-delay efficient design techniques could be also found in the related projects of Acsel laboratory.








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