1st IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic

June 16, 1969
Minneapolis, Minnesota

IEEE Transactions on Computers
August 1970 Vol. C-19

General Chair: Richard R. Shiveley


Preface , Richard R. Shively


D. W. Matula, "A Formalization of Floating-Point Numeric Base Conversion"

J. E. Robertson, "The Correspondence Between Methods of Digital Division and Multiplier Recording Procedures"

M. J. Flynn, "On Division by Functional Iteration"

H. Ling, "High-Speed Computer Multiplication Using a Multiple-Bit Decoding Algorithm"

G. D. Hornbuckle and E. I. Ancona, "The LX-1 Microprocessor and Its Application to Real-Time Signal Processing"

D. E. Atkins, "Design of the Arithmetic Units of ILLIAC III: Use of Redundancy and Higher Radix Methods"

A. Avizienis and C. Tung, "A Universal Arithmetic Building Element (ABE) and Design Methods for Arithmetic Processors"

C. Tung, "Signed-Digit Division Using Combinational Arithmetic Nets"

A. Svoboda, "Adder with Distributed Control"

T. R. N. Rao and A. K. Trehan, "Binary Logic for Residue Arithmetic Using Magnitude Index"

Short Note

R. Brent, "On the Addition of Binary Numbers"