17th IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic

June 27-29, 2005
Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

General Chair: Israel Koren
Program Co-Chairs: Paolo Montuschi and Eric Schwarz



Conference Website: http://arith17.polito.it/

Paolo Montuschi, Eric Schwarz: "Seventeenth IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic: Foreword"

Session 1 Conference Welcome, Overview and Keynote Talk

"Conference Welcome", General Chair: Israel Koren, University of Massachusetts, USA

"Technical Program Overview", Program Co-Chairs: Paolo Montuschi, Politecnico di Torino, Italy and Eric Schwarz, IBM, USA

"Local Arrangements and Social Events", Financial and Local Arrangements Chairs: Andrew Beaumont-Smith, P. A. Semi, USA and Sri Samudrala, Intel, USA

"Keynote Talk"

"Dedication of Conference"

Session 2 Multiplication - Luigi Dadda, Chairman

Colin D. Walter and David Samyde, "Data Dependent Power Use in Multipliers"

Nicolas Brisebarre and Jean-Michel Muller, "Correctly Rounded Multiplication by Arbitrary Precision Constants"

Mark A. Erle, Eric M. Schwarz and Michael J. Schulte, "Decimal Multiplication With Efficient Partial Product Generation"

Eleftherios Chaniotakis, Paraskevas Kalivas and Kiamal Z. Pekmestzi, "Long Number Bit-Serial Squarers"

Session 3 Round Table: "Pain Versus Gain in the Hardware Design of FPUs and Supercomputers on a Chip" - Roger Golliver, Chairman

Session 4 Applications - Martin Schmookler, Chairman

Javier D. Bruguera and Tomás Lang, "Floating-point Fused Multiply-Add: Reduced Latency for Floating-Point Addition"

Sylvie Boldo and Jean-Michel Muller, "Some Functions Computable with a Fused-mac"

Silvia M. Mueller, Christian Jacobi, Hwa-Joon Oh and Kevin D. Tran, Scott R. Cottier et. al, "The Vector Floating-Point Unit in a Synergistic Processor Element of a CELL Processor"

Vincent Lefèvre, "New Results on the Distance Between a Segment and Z². Application to the Exact Rounding"

Merav Aharoni, Sigal Asaf, Ron Maharik, Ilan Nehama, Ilya Nikulshin and Abraham Ziv, "Solving Constraints on the Invisible Bits of the Intermediate Result for Floating-Point Verification"

Session 5 Panel: "Arithmetic Interactions: from Hardware to Applications" - David Hough, Chairman

Session 6 Addition - Simon Knowles, Chairman

Youngmoon Choi and Earl E. Swartzlander Jr, "Parallel Prefix Adder Design with Matrix Representation"

Peter-Michael Seidel, "High-Radix Implementation of IEEE Floating-Point Addition"

Bart R. Zeydel, Theo T. J. H. Kluter and Vojin G. Oklobdzija, "Efficient Mapping of Addition Recurrence Algorithms in CMOS"

Zhaojun Wo and Israel Koren, "Synthesis of Saturating Counters Using Traditional and Non-traditional Basic Counters"

Session 7 Division - Peter Markstein, Chairman

Jean-Michel Muller, Arnaud Tisserand, Benoit de Dinechin and Christophe Monat, "Division by Constant for the ST100 DSP Microprocessor"

Arch D. Robison, "N-Bit Unsigned Division Via N-Bit Multiply-Add"

Naofumi Takagi, Shunsuke Kadowaki and Kazuyoshi Takagi, "A Hardware Algorithm for Integer Division"

Elisardo Antelo, Tomás Lang, Paolo Montuschi and Alberto Nannarelli, "Low Latency Digit-Recurrence Reciprocal and Square-Root Reciprocal Algorithm and Architecture"

Session 8 Cryptography, Galois Fields - Peter Montgomery, Chairman

David W. Matula, Alex Fit-Florea and Mitchell Aaron Thornton, "Table Lookup Structures for Multiplicative Inverses Modulo 2^k"

Jean-Claude Bajard, Laurent Imbert and Graham A. Jullien, "Parallel Montgomery Multiplication in GF(2^k) using Trinomial Residue Arithmetic"

David Harris, Ram Krishnamurthy, Mark Anders, Sanu Mathew and Steven Hsu, "An Improved Unified Scalable Radix-2 Montgomery Multiplier"

Dhananjay S. Phatak and Tom Goff, "Fast Modular Reduction for Large Wordlengths via One Linear and One Cyclic Convolution"

Session 9 Number Systems - Peter Turner, Chairman

Marc Daumas, Guillaume Melquiond and César Munoz, "Guaranteed Proofs Using Interval Arithmetic"

Mark G. Arnold, "The Residue Logarithmic Number System: Theory and Implementation"

Jean-Claude Bajard, Laurent Imbert and Thomas Plantard, "Arithmetic Operations in the Polynomial Modular Number System"

Khan Wahid, Vassil Dimitrov and Graham Jullien, "Error-Free Computation of 8x8 2-D DCT and IDCT using Two-Dimensional Algebraic Integer Quantization"

Marco Macchetti and Luigi Dadda, "Quasi-Pipelined Hash Circuits"

Session 10 Function Evaluation and Table Methods - Part 1 - Renato Stefanelli, Chairman

E. George Walters and Michael J. Schulte, "Efficient Function Approximation Using Truncated Multipliers and Squarers"

Peter Kornerup and David W. Matula, "Single Precision Reciprocals by Multipartite Table Lookup"

Pavan Adharapurapu and Milos Ercegovac, "A Linear-System Operator based Scheme for Evaluation of Multinomials"

Damien Stehlé and Paul Zimmerman, "Gal's Accurate Tables Method Revisited"

Session 11 Function Evaluation and Table Methods - Part 2 - Debjit Das Sarma, Chairman

Peter Markstein, "A Fast-Start Method for Computing the Inverse Tangent"

Stuart F. Oberman and Michael Y. Siu, "A High-Performance Area-Efficient Multifunction Interpolator"

Elisardo Antelo and Julio Villalba, "Low Latency Pipelined Circular CORDIC"

Florent de Dinechin, Alexey V. Ershov and Nicolas Gast, "Towards the Post-ultimate libm"