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Technical Consulting

The ACSEL group provides expertise in high-speed electronics and low-power design as well as architecture and design of multi-media and DSP.

Prof. Oklobdzija has been consultant for major computer and electronics companies in the USA and abroad including:

AT&T Bell Laboratories,

Fujitsu Laboratories,

Hitachi Laboratories,

Intel Advanced Microprocessor Research Laboratories,

Texas Instruments,

Samsung Corp.

Siemens Corp. where he was a principal architect for the Infineon TriCore processor.

SONY Corp,

Sun Microsystems,

His consulting expertise is in high-performance systems, low-power design as well as fast data-path implementations with the emphasize on media and signal processing.

Prof. Oklobdzija has provided litigation consulting and expert witness services to major legal firms in USA and abroad including: Townsend and Townsend, Arent Fox, Kellogg Huber and BLB&G. Please see:

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