2nd IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic

May 15-16, 1972
University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland

IEEE Transactions on Computers
June 1973 Vol. C-22

General Chairs: D. E. Atkins and H. L. Garner


D. E. Atkins, III, and H. L. Garner, "Computer Arithmetic: An Introduction and Overview"


P. M. Spira, "Computation Times of Arithmetic and Boolean Functions in (d,r) Circuits"

J. E. Robertson and K. S. Trivedi, "The Status of Investigations into Computer Hardware Design Based on the Use of Continued Fractions"

M. D. Ercegovac, "Radix-16 Evaluation of Certain Elementary Functions"

A. Avizienis, "Arithmetic Algorithms for Error-Coded Operands"

N. C. Metropolis, "Analyzed Binary Computing"

J. M. Yohe, "Roundings in Floating-Point Arithmetic"

J. D. Marasa and D. W. Matula, "A Simulative Study of Correlated Error Propagation in Various Finite-Precise Arithmetics"

W. J. Cody, Jr. , "Static and Dynamic Numerical Characteristics of Floating-Point Number Systems"

R. P. Brent, "On the Precision Attainable with Various Floating-Point Number Systems"


D. H. Jacobsohn, "A Combinatoric Division Algorithm for Fixed-Integer Divisors"

Regular Papers

    Computer Systems

E. Gelenbe, "A Unified Approach to the Evaluation of a Class of Replacement Algorithms"

    Fault Tolerant Machines

M.-W. Du and C. D. Weiss, "Circuit Structure and Switching Function Verification"


D. V. Kanani and K. H. O'Keefe, "A Note on Conditional-Sum Addition for Base -2 Systems"

Sureschander, Comments on "Decomposition Method of Determining Maximum Compatibles"

P. K. Sinha Roy and C. L. Sheng, Author's Reply