11th IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic

June 29 - July 2, 1993
Windsor, Ontario

General Chair: Earl Swartzlander, Jr.
Program Co-Chairs: Mary Jane Irwin and Graham Jullien



Earl Swartzlander, Mary Jane Irwin, and Graham Jullien, "The Eleventh IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic: Foreword"

Keynote Speech

Andrew D. Booth, "Early Computer Arithmetic" (abstract)

Session 1: Number Systems - N. Burgess, Chairman

D. M. Lewis, "An Accurate LNS Arithmetic Unit Using Interleaved Memory Function Interpolator"

D. W. Lozier, "An Underflow-Induced Graphics Failure Solved by SLI Arithmetic"

P. R. Turner, "Complex SLI Arithmetic: Representation, Algorithms and Analysis"

Session 2: Residue Arithmetic - Magdy Bayoumi, Chairman

W. K. Jenkins, B. A. Schnaufer, A. J. Mansen, "Combined System-Level Redundancy and Modular Arithmetic for Fault Tolerant Digital Signal Processing"

B. J. Kirsch, P. R. Turner, "Adaptive Beamforming Using RNS Arithmetic"

S. S. Bizzan, G. A. Jullien, N. M. Wigley, W. C. Miller, "Integer Mapping Architectures for the Polynomial Ring Engine"

Session 3: Multipliers and Dot Products - Naofumi Takagi, Chairman

P. Montuschi, L. Ciminiera, "n x n Carry-Save Multipliers without Final Addition"

M. Daumas, D. W. Matula, "Design of a Fast Validated Dot Product Operation"

L. Dadda, V. Piuri, R. Stefanelli, "Multi-Parallel Convolvers"

Session 4: Division and Square Root - Ted E. Williams, Chairman

S. E. McQuillan, J. V. McCanny, R. Hamill, "New Algorithms and VLSI Architectures for SRT Division and Square Root"

J. Cortadella, T. Lang, "Division with Speculation of Quotient Digits"

D. Das Sarma, D. W. Matula, "Measuring the Accuracy of ROM Reciprocal Tables"

E. M. Schwarz, M. J. Flynn, "Hardware Starting Approximation for the Square Root Operation"

M. D. Ercegovac, T. Lang, P. Montuschi, "Very High Radix Division with Selection by Rounding and Prescaling"

Session 5: Elementary Function Evaluation - D. M. Matula, Chairman

N. D. Hemkumar, J. R. Cavallaro, "Efficient Complex Matrix Transformations with CORDIC"

G. J. Hekstra, E. F. A. Deprettere, "Floating Point Cordic"

M. Schulte, E. Swartzlander, "Exact Rounding of Certain Elementary Functions"

J. C. Bajard, S. Kla, J. -M. Muller, "BKM: A New Hardware Algorithm for Complex Elementary Functions"

Session 6: Arithmetic Processor Design - Simon Knowles, Chairman

J. D. Mellott, J. C. Smith, F. J. Taylor, "The Gauss Machine: A Galois-Enchanced Quadratic Residue Number System Systolic Array"

W. S. Briggs, D. W. Matula, "A 17x69-bit Multiply and Add Unit with Redundant Binary Feedback and Single Cycle Latency"

D. Eisig, J. Rotstain, I. Koren, "The Design of a 64-bit Integer Multiplier/Divider Unit"

Session 7: Algorithms - Peter Kornerup, Chairman

T. Jebelean, "Comparing Several GCD Algorithms"

X. Merrheim, J. -M. Muller, H. -J. Yeh, "Fast Evaluation of Polynomials and Inverses of Polynomials"

Session 8: Circuit Technology - Chris N. Hinds, Chairman

D. Etiemble, K. Navi, "Algorithms and Multi-Valued Circuits for the Multioperand Addition in the Binary Stored-Carry Number System"

M. E. Louie, M. D. Ercegovac, "On Digit-Recurrence Division Implementations for Field Programmable Gate Arrays"

T. K. Callaway, E. E. Swartzlander Jr, "Estimating the Power Consumption of CMOS Adders"

Panel Session 9: Arithmetic Standards - Willy McAllister, Moderator

Session 10: Compiles and Languages - D. M. Lewis, Chairman

S. E. Richardson, "Exploiting Trivial and Redundant Computation"

W. Krandick, J. R. Johnson, "Efficient Multiprecision Floating Point Multiplication with Optimal Directional Rounding"

J. W. Demmel, X. Li, "Faster Numerical Algorithms via Exception Handling"

M. O. Benouamer, P. Jaillon, D. Michelucci, J. -M. Moreau, "A Lazy Exact Arithmetic"

Session 11: Cryptography - Luiggi Dadda, Chairman

M. Shand, J. Vuillemin, "Fast Implementations of RSA Cryptography"

D. Zuras, "On Squaring and Multiplying Large Integers"

N. Takagi, "A Modular Multiplication Algorithim with Triangle Additions"

P. Kornerup, "High-Radix Modular Multiplication for Cryptosystems"